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Find! NZ app screenshot

Zenbu is available as a native application on your iPhone to provide instant, easy access to information about local places, businesses, products & services.

We recommend using the Find! NZ application available on iTunes here [1].

  • Number one in the App Store Navigation category since launching in April 2009
  • Apple staff favourite Jan/Feb 2010
  • Online search to access the latest Zenbu information
  • Offline search available if network is down or too expensive
  • Powerful in-app editing of Zenbu entries

The original Zenbu iPhone application was released in September 2008 with simple, fast offline access to Zenbu data but its features have been surpassed by the Find! NZ app which uses Zenbu data under the open Creative Commons Attribution License. You can still get the original app on iTunes here [2].

You can send questions or feedback to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have made some recent edits and they show on the website but not when I use the application on my iPhone, why?

The iPhone apps use a completely cached and local version of the Zenbu database. Updates made to www.zenbu.co.nz will not reflect in the application until the next app update. If you are using Find! NZ you can switch to Online mode to access the data live from the website

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